Dr. Robert Feld is an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor serving greater Long Island, New York including Huntington.
Robert Feld, MD, FACS

Northwell Health Physician Partners Otolaryngology at Huntington
Huntington Ear, Nose, and Throat Physician
Board Certified Otolaryngology
Adult and Pediatric ENT

205 East Main Street, Suite 2-4
Huntington, Long Island, NY 11743
(631) 673-6868

Huntington and Long Island ENT - Dr. Robert Feld Robert Feld, MD, has over 20 years of experience as an adult and pediatric ear, nose, and throat specialist. He is Board Certified in Otolaryngology which is a distinction conferred by the American Academy of Otolaryngology. Dr. Feld sees and treats patients with a wide variety of conditions related to the head and neck areas of the body.

Some of the most common complaints that patients present with include hearing loss, dizziness, ear pain/ear infections, ear wax, chronic cough, nasal congestion, nose bleeds, sinus pain/sinus infections, hoarseness, throat pain, and difficulty swallowing. These, however, are very much the “tip of the iceberg” as most ear, nose, and throat physicians, Dr. Feld included, treat a tremendous array of ailments. If you have a problem you believe needs the attention of an ENT specialist, simply call our office and ask, or feel free to visit the pages of this site, organized by main section headings, leading to very specific conditions within the scope of Dr. Feld's practice.

Special Note: When you make an appointment with Dr. Feld, you see Dr. Feld—the office does not employ nurse practitioners or physician assistants.